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My very first program, ever
10 PRINT CHR$(27);"N"
20 PRINT "\o/"
30 PRINT " | "
40 PRINT "/ \"
50 FOR I=1 TO 1000: NEXT
60 PRINT CHR$(27);"N"
70 PRINT " o "
80 PRINT "/|\"
90 PRINT "/ \"
100 FOR I=1 TO 1000: NEXT
110 GOTO 10

algernon commented Nov 25, 2012

Unfortunately, I no longer have the original, I lost the tape this was saved on sometime around 1989. The screen clearing was done by a single, special character (I forgot which one, unfortunately), not the CHR$(27);"N" thing.

I'm fairly sure that NEXT was also written as NEXT I... But other than that, this is a reasonably accurate version of my first program I wrote almost on my own (the two for loops and the GOTO is my fathers work).

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