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Last active Nov 24, 2018
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Kaleidoscope: Trying the Atreus variants

As of this writing, the branches that add support for pre-2016 Atreus PCBs and legacy teensy aren't merged yet, so testing them is a little bit more complicated.

The following steps assume a Linux system, but should be reasonably easy to adapt to other systems.

  1. Install Arduino
  2. Install Kaleidoscope: git clone --recurse-submodules ~/Arduino/hardware/keyboardio
  3. Check out the WIP branches:
    • cd ~/Arduino/hardware/keyboardio && git checkout -f boards.txt/atreus-variants
    • cd ~/Arduino/hardware/keyboardio/avr/libraries/Kaleidoscope && git checkout -f hardware/atreus/variants
  4. Change to the Kaleidoscope Atreus example dir: cd ~/Arduino/hardware/keyboardio/avr/libraries/Kaleidoscope/examples/Devices/Atreus
  5. Edit the example config in the Atreus example, to compile it for your variant:
    • $EDITOR .kaleidoscope-builder.conf
    • See here for what to add there
    • If using a Teensy, nothing else to do. If using an A*, remove the flash and flash_over_usb functions
  6. Build and flash the firmware: make flash
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