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How to run the google aiyprojects voice kit code on Ubuntu desktop.
# set up a python virtualenv:
virtualenv --system-site-packages -p python3 google-assistant-sdk
# enter the virtualenv:
source google-assistant-sdk/bin/activate
# install dependencies:
pip3 install google-assistant-sdk[auth_helpers]==0.1.0 grpc-google-cloud-speech-v1beta1==0.14.0 protobuf==3.1.0
# the google code actually works out of the box on a default ubuntu install:
git clone git://
# at this point you need to get credentials. this is explained on the aiyprojects site
# once you downloaded the credentials json file, run the assistant like this:
cd aiyprojects-raspbian/src
./ --assistant-secrets ~/assistant.json -T clap
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26rote commented Dec 9, 2017

I found this is working on only raspberry pi 3
It would be better if I am able to use and edit this on my desktop and laptop
Thanks ali1234

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