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alisonpope / Wk2Exercise1.pde
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Data Visualisation Course Week 2
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// Draws a small image at the current mouse position.
// Jo Wood, 3rd February, 2015
// Modified by Alison Pope, 6 February, 2015
// Simple Processing sketch that loads an image of me that
// moves around the screen.
PImage img;
void setup()
alisonpope / exercise5PollData.pde
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Data Visualisation Course Week 1
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There appears to be a shift in the UK's political voting
preferences in recent years. The table below shows the
results of the BBC Poll of polls (average of the main opinion polls)
conducted in January 2015, 2014 and 2013.
Create a simple Processing sketch that shows this trend using
circles to represent each percentage, where each circle is
coloured according to the party it represents and sized
according to the percentage of people supporting that party.
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