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Pushing data to the signalr clients.
public class DataController : Controller
private readonly IMachineState machineState;
private readonly ISampleWriter sampleWriter;
private readonly IHubContext<FeedHub> feedHub;
public DataController(IMachineState machineState, ISampleWriter sampleWriter, IHubContext<FeedHub> feedHub)
this.machineState = machineState;
this.sampleWriter = sampleWriter;
this.feedHub = feedHub;
public async Task<ActionResult> ProvideReading(uint milliseconds, double speed, int count)
// Update our machine state.
machineState.UpdateMachineState(milliseconds, speed, count);
// Write the sample to file (our sample writer) and update all clients
// Wait for them both to finish.
await Task.WhenAll(
sampleWriter.ProvideSample(machineState.LastSample, machineState.Speed, machineState.Count),
return StatusCode(200);
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