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overall structure

  • resources (multiple audio files, video files, and other resources referenced in the sequence)
  • project
    • sequence (a group of multiple assets that compose a single timeline)
      • spine' (a timeline. this is the OUTER spine in which everything else is contained)
        • marker
          • complete="0" is a TODO marker
        • video (ignore these)
        • asset-clip' (a segment of a video or audio file)
          • spine (this is a floating timeline that contains one or more of...)
            • asset-clip
            • gap


has attributes:

  • ref (from resources section)
  • offset (a time offset in seconds, relative to the containing spine i think)
  • duration (a time in seconds of how long this asset clip is
  • start (not sure, seems to be the same as offset)


has attributes:

  • lane (an id? the vertical sort order?)
  • offset (seems to be identical to offset and start from asset-clip. same values)
  • asset clip sub-element has attributes:
    • offset (relative to the containing spine)
    • ref (from resources)
    • duration (length of the asset-clip, in seconds)
    • start (start time in seconds, relative to the resource)
    • videoRole (logical grouping label)
    • audioRole (logical grouping label)
    • enabled (0 if disabled, 1 or omitted if enabled)
    • NOTE *start and stop can be identical and on a frame boundary for a perfect clip cut
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