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chat.SE vs. Matrix feature comparison
Factor Matrix Chat-SE
Client Platforms
  • Web (multiple, open source)
  • Android (native)
  • iOS (native)
  • Desktop (Win/Mac/Lin; multiple; open source)
  • Web/mobile web (proprietary)
  • Various hacks (lacking all features, and subject to random breakage when chat code changes)
Bot Support First-class - officially supported Tenuous; allowed but at the whims of SE, and hackish
Basic text formatting Standard Markdown Ghetto Chat Markdown (mostly the same for the very basics)
Strikethrough <del>strike</del> ---strike---
Avatars Upload one via client Gravatar or upload
Gateway Support Overall: Many exist & well supported
  • IRC
  • Slack
No official; a few hackish ones that semi-work
Hosting model Decentralized Centralized
E2E encryption Supported (optional) Unsupported (except via OTR over the top, but nobody's attempted that AFAIK)
Private messaging Supported Unsupported
Stars No Yes
Direct msg reply Kind-of Yes
Image embedding Ought to work but having issues Basic oneboxing where possible + enhanced oneboxing for trusted sites
Image uploading Supported Supported
Voice chats Yes No
Invite-only rooms Yes No/Hackish (not really what it's designed for)
Depends on one company/individual to keep going No Yes
Stability Beta, rough setup Stable/highly available
Speed Adequate for our needs Excellent
Anti-spam/troll Mod tools Good (banning, etc.) Excellent
Terms of Use / Code of Conduct Liberal - very open Increasingly restrictive
Comparison to Discord/Slack/Gitter (Overall) Mostly similar but lacking in some features / ease of setup; decentralization makes it less likely to be censored later Pretty dissimilar in most ways. Lacks a lot of features but also has unique features they don't, like stars
Risks OSS might become unmaintained and lead to bitrot Mods might gallery / delete our room
  • Anyone can delete their own messages any time
  • Mods/admins can delete anyone's messages any time
  • Users can delete their own messages within 2 minutes
  • Mods can delete anyone's messages any time
Msg Editing None
  • Users can edit their own messages within 2 minutes
  • Mods can edit anyone's messages any time
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