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Created Jul 31, 2014
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Welcome document
CC0 4.0 by e-P + J R
* **Greeting App** runs in the Browser.
* **webserviced** runs remotely on *Server A*.
* **webprofiled**, **webfingerd** & **Persona IdP** run remotely on *Server B*.
participant Greeting App
participant webserviced
participant webprofiled
participant webfingerd
participant Persona IdP
Note right of Persona IdP: Identity Provider
Note over Greeting App: User tries to log in with Persona.
Greeting App-->>Persona IdP: Request of Assertion
Persona IdP-->>Greeting App: Return Assertion
Note over Greeting App: Assertion
Greeting App-->>webserviced: Sends Assertion
Note over webserviced: Verify Assertion
Note over webserviced: Extract E-Mail from Assertion
webserviced-->>webfingerd: GET JRD
Note over webfingerd: JSON Resource Descriptor
webfingerd->webserviced: JRD
Note over webserviced: JRD with URI
webserviced-->>webprofiled: GET URI
webprofiled->webserviced: Profile JSON-LD
webserviced->Greeting App: Name + Avatar
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