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alphapapa /
Created Jan 5, 2021 — forked from thibaudcolas/
Video Downloader professional kmdldgcmokdpmacblnehppgkjphcbpnn background.js

Video Downloader professional kmdldgcmokdpmacblnehppgkjphcbpnn background.js

This is the source of background.js for a now-unpublished Chrome extension called "Video Download professional" (ID kmdldgcmokdpmacblnehppgkjphcbpnn, since then replaced with another "Video Download professiona" (ID bacakpdjpomjaelpkpkabmedhkoongbi). This script is republished here for educational purposes. It has initially been extracted from the extension’s archive available as v2.4 on

Why is this interesting?

The extension has appeared in malware discussions in the past. Its replacement of Video downloader professional "bacakpdjpomjaelpkpkabmedhkoongbi" seems related to the ownership change of The Great Suspender.

What does t

alphapapa / org-ql-rasmi.el
Created Dec 18, 2020 — forked from mskorzhinskiy/org-ql-rasmi.el
Current configuration for personal org queries
View org-ql-rasmi.el
'(("stuck" lambda nil
'(and (tags "story")
(not (tags "ignore"))
(not (done)) ;; Finished stories should be excluded
(not (descendants (todo "NEXT"))) ;; If there are already
alphapapa / emacsconf2020poster.svg
Created Nov 11, 2020
EmacsConf 2020 poster design
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alphapapa / helm-org-tag-completion.el
Last active Nov 7, 2020
Complete multiple org-mode tags with helm
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;;;;;; Fix Helm org tag completion
;; From Anders Johansson <>
;; This works great! He posted it on 3 Mar 2016, on a thread that was
;; started in Oct 2013. He also posted this message on 2 Apr 2014,
;; maybe an earlier attempt at a solution:
;; <> I've just
;; tidied it up a bit and adjusted the prompt.
(add-to-list 'helm-completing-read-handlers-alist '(org-capture . aj/org-completing-read-tags))
alphapapa / python-mode-outline-mode.el
Last active Sep 15, 2020
Emacs: Python: outline-minor-mode headings for both Python keywords and standard commented-starred headings
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(defun python-mode-outline-hook ()
(setq outline-level 'python-outline-level)
(setq outline-regexp
(rx (or
;; Commented outline heading
(* space) ; 0 or more spaces
(one-or-more (syntax comment-start))
(one-or-more space)
alphapapa / emacs-27-svg-screenshot.svg
Last active Aug 22, 2020
Emacs 27 can take SVG screenshots of itself
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alphapapa / init.el
Created Sep 21, 2016
Fira code symbols in emacs. You need to grab the Fira Code Symbol font for this to work.
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;;; Fira code
;; This works when using emacs --daemon + emacsclient
(add-hook 'after-make-frame-functions (lambda (frame) (set-fontset-font t '(#Xe100 . #Xe16f) "Fira Code Symbol")))
;; This works when using emacs without server/client
(set-fontset-font t '(#Xe100 . #Xe16f) "Fira Code Symbol")
;; I haven't found one statement that makes both of the above situations work, so I use both for now
(defconst fira-code-font-lock-keywords-alist
(mapcar (lambda (regex-char-pair)
alphapapa / org-books.el
Created Sep 8, 2017
Insert book information as an Org entry with author, title, etc. as properties
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(require 'esxml-query)
(require 'org-web-tools)
(defun ap/amazon-book-data (url)
"Return plist of data for book at Amazon URL."
(cl-flet ((field (target-field list)
(cl-loop for li in list
for (field value) = (ignore-errors
(-let (((_ _ (_ _ field) value) li))
(list field value)))
alphapapa /
Last active May 14, 2020
tarx: Tar and compress files showing progress using tqdm or pv
# Tar and compress files using tqdm or pv for a progress bar.
# * Safety
# NOTE: These are disabled by default in this template but should be
# enabled when feasible. Documentation is from the Bash man page.
# ** errexit
alphapapa / helm-swish.el
Created Dec 1, 2017
Like helm-swoop, but faster (bare-bones featurewise, so not a replacement)
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;;; Code:
;;;; Requirements
(require 'helm)
;;;; Commands
(defun helm-swish ()