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def handwritingClassTest():
hwLabels = []
trainingFileList = listdir('trainingDigits')
m = len(trainingFileList)
trainingMat = zeros((m,1024))
for i in range(m):
fileNameStr = trainingFileList[i]
fileStr = fileNameStr.split('.')[0]
classNumStr = int(fileStr.split('_')[0])
trainingMat[i,:] = img2vector('trainingDigits/%s' % fileNameStr)
testFileList = listdir('testDigits')
errorCount = 0.0
mTest = len(testFileList)
for i in range(mTest):
fileNameStr = testFileList[i]
fileStr = fileNameStr.split('.')[0]
classNumStr = int(fileStr.split('_')[0])
vectorUnderTest = img2vector('testDigits/%s' % fileNameStr)
classifierResult = classify0(vectorUnderTest, \ trainingMat, hwLabels, 3)
print "the classifier came back with: %d, the real answer is: %d"\ % (classifierResult, classNumStr)
if (classifierResult != classNumStr): errorCount += 1.0
print "\nthe total number of errors is: %d" % errorCount
print "\nthe total error rate is: %f" % (errorCount/float(mTest))
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