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Created Dec 27, 2020
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fig, axes = plt.subplots(1, 2, figsize=(20,8),)
fig.suptitle('Before and After Manually removing outliers')
g = sns.regplot(x=train['GrLivArea'], y=train['SalePrice'], ax = axes[0])
g.text(4500, 400000, "Outliers", horizontalalignment='left', size='large', color='black', weight='semibold')
g.axvline(4000, ls='--', color = 'red')
idx_manual = np.where(train['GrLivArea']>4000)[0]
train_NoOutlier = train.drop(idx_manual)
g = sns.regplot(x=train_NoOutlier['GrLivArea'], y=train_NoOutlier['SalePrice'], ax = axes[1])
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