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Created Sep 1, 2020
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# convert the image from RGB to LAB
lab_img = color.rgb2lab(cimage)
x,y,z = lab_img.shape
# to plot the colors we will use the RGB values from the
# image directly for colors.
to_plot = cimage.reshape(x*y, 3)
colors_map = to_plot.astype(np.float)/256
# create dataset for scatter plot
scatter_x = []
scatter_y = []
for xi in range(x):
for yi in range(y):
L_val = lab_img[xi,yi][0]
A_val = lab_img[xi,yi][1]
B_val = lab_img[xi,yi][2]
plt.xlabel("a* from green to red")
plt.ylabel("b* from blue to yellow")
plt.scatter(scatter_x,scatter_y, c=colors_map)
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