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Created December 8, 2020 05:39
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from pytube import YouTube
import pytube
import os
def main():
video_url = input('Enter YouTube video URL: ')
if == 'nt':
path = os.getcwd() + '\\'
path = os.getcwd() + '/'
name = pytube.extract.video_id(video_url)
location = path + name + '.mp4'
renametomp3 = path + name + '.mp3'
if == 'nt':
os.system('ren {0} {1}'. format(location, renametomp3))
os.system('mv {0} {1}'. format(location, renametomp3))
if __name__ == '__main__':
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weeblip commented May 17, 2021

I am facing an error. I followed everything precisely and when i enter the url in the 'Enter YouTube video URL' tab it shows 'The syntax of the command is incorrect.' as an error. any solutions?

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