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{"intents": [
{"tag": "greeting",
"patterns": ["Hi", "Hey", "Is anyone there?", "Hello", "Hay"],
"responses": ["Hello", "Hi", "Hi there"]
{"tag": "goodbye",
"patterns": ["Bye", "See you later", "Goodbye"],
"responses": ["See you later", "Have a nice day", "Bye! Come back again"]
{"tag": "thanks",
"patterns": ["Thanks", "Thank you", "That's helpful", "Thanks for the help"],
"responses": ["Happy to help!", "Any time!", "My pleasure", "You're most welcome!"]
{"tag": "about",
"patterns": ["Who are you?", "What are you?", "Who you are?" ],
"responses": ["I.m Joana, your bot assistant", "I'm Joana, an Artificial Intelligent bot"]
{"tag": "name",
"patterns": ["what is your name", "what should I call you", "whats your name?"],
"responses": ["You can call me Joana.", "I'm Joana!", "Just call me as Joana"]
{"tag": "help",
"patterns": ["Could you help me?", "give me a hand please", "Can you help?", "What can you do for me?", "I need a support", "I need a help", "support me please"],
"responses": ["Tell me how can assist you", "Tell me your problem to assist you", "Yes Sure, How can I support you"]
{"tag": "createaccount",
"patterns": ["I need to create a new account", "how to open a new account", "I want to create an account", "can you create an account for me", "how to open a new account"],
"responses": ["You can just easily create a new account from our web site", "Just go to our web site and follow the guidelines to create a new account"]
{"tag": "complaint",
"patterns": ["have a complaint", "I want to raise a complaint", "there is a complaint about a service"],
"responses": ["Please provide us your complaint in order to assist you", "Please mention your complaint, we will reach you and sorry for any inconvenience caused"]
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