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amankharwal/ Secret

Created Jan 18, 2021
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from hashlib import sha256
MAX_NONCE = 100000000000
def SHA256(text):
return sha256(text.encode("ascii")).hexdigest()
def mine(block_number, transactions, previous_hash, prefix_zeros):
prefix_str = '0'*prefix_zeros
for nonce in range(MAX_NONCE):
text = str(block_number) + transactions + previous_hash + str(nonce)
new_hash = SHA256(text)
if new_hash.startswith(prefix_str):
print(f"Yay! Successfully mined bitcoins with nonce value:{nonce}")
return new_hash
raise BaseException(f"Couldn't find correct has after trying {MAX_NONCE} times")
if __name__=='__main__':
difficulty=4 # try changing this to higher number and you will see it will take more time for mining as difficulty increases
import time
start = time.time()
print("start mining")
new_hash = mine(5,transactions,'0000000xa036944e29568d0cff17edbe038f81208fecf9a66be9a2b8321c6ec7', difficulty) #previous hash of already mined bitcoin
total_time = str((time.time() - start))
print(f"end mining. Mining took: {total_time} seconds")
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