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define [at] appropriately and import jquery and this userscript will take your HNQ troubles away
if( at`*`||at`*`||at`*`||at`*`||at`*` ){
$('#hot-network-questions li > a:not([href^="http://math."]):not([href^="http://ux."])').closest('li').remove()
$('#hot-network-questions li').removeClass('dno').removeClass('js-hidden')
$('#hot-network-questions > a').remove()
if( at`` )
$('#question-list > :not([data-sid^="math."]):not([data-sid^="ux."])').remove()
else if( !at`` && !at`` ){
if (location.pathname in {'/':0 ,'/questions':0 ,'/unanswered':0})
else if( !at`` )
{ $('#sidebar > .sidebar-linked').remove() ;$('#sidebar > .sidebar-related').remove() }
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