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Vendor Priority
Sorted by sell value, low to high. Not always
accurate, but this seems to be the general pattern.
Item classes on the same line generally have
the same value.
2H Weapons
1H Weapons
Plate Chest/Legs
Mail Chest/Legs
Plate Feet/Head/Shoulders
Leather Chest/Legs
Mail Feet/Head/Shoulder
Cloth Chest/Legs/Feet, Leather Feet/Head/Shoulders
Plate Hands/Waist/Wrist
Amulet, Off-hand Frill, Ring, Thrown
Mail Hands/Waist/Wrist
Cloak, Relic
Leather Hands/Waist/Wrist
Cloth Feet/Head/Shoulder
Cloth Hands/Waist/Wrist
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