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Andrew McDavid amcdavid

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# example of colsidecolors rowsidecolors (single column, single row)
mat <- matrix(1:100, byrow=T, nrow=10)
column_annotation <- sample(c("red", "blue", "green"), 10, replace=T)
column_annotation <- as.matrix(column_annotation)
colnames(column_annotation) <- c("Variable X")
row_annotation <- sample(c("red", "blue", "green"), 10, replace=T)
row_annotation <- as.matrix(t(row_annotation))
View number_of_folds.R
# function to fold data into k folds. this returns a list of matrices where
# the 1st column in each is the response and all other columns are predictors
fold <- function(y, X, k){
n <- length(y)
lapply(0:(k-1)*n/k + 1, function(i){
cbind(y, X)[seq(from=i, length.out=n/k),]
# function to compute MSE for datasets with different numbers of folds