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GSoC 2017 Final Project Report

GSoC 2017 SUSI Android, Amit Tiwary - FOSSASIA

This GSoC, I worked on SUSI Android App where we created an Android client to provide intelligent answer using loklak/AskSusi infrastructure. This app allows the user to query with SUSI.AI.

This app contains following features:

  • Login and signup functionality so that user can query with SUSI.AI privately.
  • Forgot password and Reset password functionality.
  • Anonymous mode that allows the user to query with SUSI.AI anonymously.
  • Implement functionality to render following action types:
    • Answer
    • Anchor
    • RSS
    • WebSearch
    • Map
  • Allow user to query with SUSI.AI using speech and provide SUSI.AI reply in a speech format.
  • Store user's setting on the server and retrieve from the server when user login.
  • Hotword Detection using Snowboy voice detection library.
  • Skill Listing of all SUSI.AI skills so that user can browse through all skills

Along with this, we used Model View Presenter (MVP) architecture and Kotlin, the official language of Android. We have also improved the overall UI of the app.


GSoC Project Link

Github Repository

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My Contributions

SUSI Android

SUSI Server

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