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Last active Oct 19, 2017
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Input script file for language analysis done here
Ruby... Ruby, can you hear me?
Moli? Moli, where are you?
Ruby, I've crashed.
Yeah... But where?
I'm hurt, Ruby. Can you find me?
Okay, I can see plants.
I can see rocks.
I can see water.
I can't see aliens... Am I alone here?
I'm hungry.
I have food!
Sandwiches. Fruit. Salad. And... chocolate!
Hmmm... I'm thirsty.
It's not bad.
I can't cross.
Okay, think. Think!
My Molicom. I remember the password!
I have to use my Molicom.
My name is Ruby Rei.
I'm a space explorer.
This is Moli 3.
She's a robot.
And she's my best friend.
We love travelling.
And we love adventure!
My name is Ruby Rei.
And my life is... interesting.
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