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Created Feb 18, 2013

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Dedicated to local events in Kansas City, news about Kansas City, and things of interest to people in and around Kansas City.

Useful posts of note

Upcoming Events and Meetups

  • Join the facebook group since that is often used to schedule meetups.

  • Many of us get together for trivia every Tuesday night at The Dark Horse Tavern Gambal's in Westport at 8pm.

  • KC Reddit Chat: Are you looking for HOT, LIVE, SEXY, AMATEUR REDDITORS who want to chat with YOU? Will you settle for PBR swilling bacon munchers? Then the New KC Reddit Chat is for you! Chat with real KC Redditors today. You won't regret it until you do. Join #kcreddit on freenode.

  • Anything else? send a message to the mods to have it included here

Kansas City Links

Other Reddits of Interest

Area Reddits of MO & KS

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