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mycall W2GMD-6
heartbeat-timeout 70
filter m/150
login W2GMD-6
passcode xxx
pidfile /var/run/
rflog /var/log/aprx/aprx-rf.log
aprxlog /var/log/aprx/aprx.log
ax25-device W2GMD-6
tx-ok true
beaconmode both
cycle-size 55m
beacon symbol "I#" lat "3745.60N" lon "12229.85W" \
comment "W2GMD-6 Outer Sunset, SF iGate/Digipeater" via "WIDE1-1"
#beacon file /tmp/ups_status
transmitter W2GMD-6
via WIDE1-1
source W2GMD-6
transmitter W2GMD-6
ratelimit 30 120
source W2GMD-6
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