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Node-RED Flow ESP32 MQTT Publish/Subscribe
"id": "887d4114.c4014",
"type": "ui_template",
"z": "d0c256a4.6e3e48",
"group": "67bd5df3.839de4",
"name": "Change Status Relay 0 - Device 1",
"order": 1,
"width": 2,
"height": 2,
"format": "<md-button class=\"filled touched bigfont rounded vibrate\" style=\"background-color:#27ae60\" ng-click=\"send({payload: 'esp32-zone-1:relay;0;on'})\"> \n Turn Relay 0 On\n</md-button> \n\n<md-button class=\"vibrate filled touched bigfont rounded\" style=\"background-color:#c0392b\" ng-click=\"send({payload: 'esp32-zone-1:relay;0;off'})\"> \n Turn Relay 0 Off\n</md-button> \n",
"storeOutMessages": true,
"fwdInMessages": true,
"resendOnRefresh": false,
"templateScope": "local",
"x": 520,
"y": 660,
"wires": [
"id": "67bd5df3.839de4",
"type": "ui_group",
"name": "Relay Status",
"tab": "ecad0e7f.423a18",
"order": 5,
"disp": true,
"width": "8",
"collapse": true
"id": "ecad0e7f.423a18",
"type": "ui_tab",
"name": "ESP32 Device 1",
"icon": "developer_dashboard",
"order": 1,
"disabled": false,
"hidden": false
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