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Created Dec 31, 2018
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ASP: No results template file including a link
/* Prevent direct access */
defined('ABSPATH') or die("You can't access this file directly.");
* This is the default template for the keyword suggestions
* Do not make changes directly to this file! To have permanent changes copy this
* file to your theme directory under the "asp" folder like so:
* wp-content/themes/your-theme-name/asp/no-results.php
* The keyword should must always hold the 'asp_keyword' class and only
* contain the keyword text as the content.
* You can use any WordPress function here.
* Variables to mention:
* Array[] $s_keywords - array of the keywords
* Array[] $s_options - holding the search options
* You can leave empty lines for better visibility, they are cleared before output.
* @since: 4.0
<div class="asp_nores">
<span class="asp_nores_header">
<a href=''>
No results!
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