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My Flutter Experiences

My Flutter experiences

1 - ABRH-SP Flutter App (published) I developed this App three years ago with Ionic 1 and now I rebuilt the full App using Flutter. I used Flutter SDK, custom Layout (Column, Rows, Flexible), Forms, GPS library, http, Sqlite and Push notification with Firebase.

2 - Yasmin App Vídeo (Project in progress)

Screen record: Developed custom layout, basics animations in Flutter, Responsive Layout for SmarthPhone and Tablet.

3 - LiveStyle App

Screen record: Developed custom layout, basics animations in Flutter, Facebook and Google login with Firebase, Push Notification, Provider state manager and UI tests.

4 - My Meals Flutter App (used as test to be hired)

App to register and control my meals. I used this project as a test to be hired in UDS company. GitHub: Screen record: Used: Widget stateless and stateful, Theme, ListView, Custom Card, Image, TabBar, Routes, Navigation, Form, Form validation; Native Camera API with Flutter converting to base64; State Manager with Provider as recommend from Flutter Team; Dart language and OOP;

5 - Kobe App Test

6 - Flapper App test

7 - Firebase Auth + Google Sign

Implemented Firebase Auth + Google sign in Flutter. GitHub project:

8 - Flutter Course

I taught Flutter in a course for 10 other developers in the UDS company Course content:

9 - Impulso Flutter Light Talk

Slides: Vídeo:

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