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Andor Penzes andorp

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I'm writing this post to publicly come out as trans (specifically: I wish to transition to become a woman).

This post won't be as polished or edited as my usual posts, because that's kind of the point: I'm tired of having to edit myself to make myself acceptable to others.

I'm a bit scared to let people know that I'm trans, especially because I'm not yet in a position where I can transition (for reasons I don't want to share, at least not in public) and it's really shameful. However, I'm getting really

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open import Data.Unit
open import Data.Product
infixr 4 _⇒_ _*_ ⟨_,_⟩ _∘_
data Obj : Set where
: Obj
base : Obj
_*_ : Obj Obj Obj

Programmer: Atlanta, GA, No Remote, Full-Time

Layer 3 Communications is a professional services organization and network systems integrator. We use Haskell to build network security applications that revolve around either analyzing network data or configuring networks.

Networking knowledge can be learned on the job, and thus is not required.

Our stack:

  • Backend: Haskell
  • Frontend: Small amounts of JavaScript
  • Database: Postgres
chrisdone /
Last active Nov 8, 2020

Total (non-error-throwing) lambda-calculus evaluators.

NicolasT / Conc.lhs
Last active May 25, 2017
Deriving Typeclass Instances using Typed Holes
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# Deriving Typeclass Instances using Typed Holes
> module Conc where
> import Control.Applicative
We're presented with the following structure:
> data Concurrent a = Concurrent ((a -> Action) -> Action)
> data Action = Atom (IO Action)
> | Fork Action Action
sigrlami /
Last active Mar 4, 2022
List of companies using Haskell

WARNING This list outdated, for the up to date version visit

List of companies that use Haskell in Production

Types of work:

  • RD - research&development
  • PR - product
  • IP - in-house product
  • CO - consulting
sjoerdvisscher / adjointFoldPlain.hs
Last active Jul 24, 2022
Adjoint folds, using regular Category from base (but custom Functor)
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, FunctionalDependencies
, PolyKinds