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const OPTLY = require('optimizely-server-sdk'),
defaultErrorHandler = require('optimizely-server-sdk/lib/plugins/error_handler'),
defaultLogger = require('optimizely-server-sdk/lib/plugins/logger'),
rp = require('request-promise');
module.exports.initializeClient = (url) => {
let options = {uri: url, json: true};
// Grabs datafile from CDN
let initializePromise = new Promise((resolve, reject)=>{
rp(options).then((datafile) => {
console.log('Initializing Optimizely Client with Datafile: ', datafile);
let optlyClient = OPTLY.createInstance({
datafile: datafile,
errorHandler: defaultErrorHandler,
logger: defaultLogger.createLogger()
return initializePromise;
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