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Andreas Lüdemann andreaslydemann

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View postDeclarationExample.swift
func post(name aName: Notification.Name,
object anObject: Any?,
userInfo aUserInfo: [AnyHashable : Any]? = nil)
View PostExample.swift
let center = NotificationCenter.default
let notificationReceived = Notification.Name("notificationReceived")
let pizzas = ["Margherita": 1, "Pepperoni": 16, "Hawaii": 25] notificationReceived, object: self, userInfo: pizzas)
View addObserverExample.swift
let center = NotificationCenter.default
selector: #selector(onNotificationReceived(_:)),
name: .notificationReceived,
object: nil)
@objc func onNotificationReceived(_ notification:Notification) {
if let data = notification.userInfo as? [String: Int] {
// Do something with the data
View addObserverDeclarationExample.swift
func addObserver(_ observer: Any,
selector aSelector: Selector,
name aName: Notification.Name?,
object anObject: Any?)
View OptionalBindingUsingGuardLet.swift
let myOptional: Int? = 10
guard let myInt = myOptional else {
print("myInt has no value.")
print("myInt has a value of \(myInt).")
View OptionalChaining.swift
struct Processor {
var modelNumber: Int
init() {
self.modelNumber = 21043
struct Computer {
var processor: Processor?
init(processor: Processor?) {
View NilCoalescing.swift
let myOptional: Int? = nil
let myInt = myOptional ?? 0
print("myInt has a value of \(myInt).")
View OptionalBindingUsingMultipleIfLet.swift
let myFirstOptional: Int? = 10
let mySecondOptional: Int? = 20
if let myFirstInt = myFirstOptional, let mySecondInt = mySecondOptional {
print("myFirstInt has a value of \(myFirstInt) and mySecondInt has a value of \(mySecondInt).")
View OptionalBindingUsingIfLet.swift
let myOptional: Int? = 10
if let myInt = myOptional {
print("myInt has a value of \(myInt).")
View ForceUnwrapping.swift
let myOptional: Int? = 10
print("myOptional has a value of \(myOptional!).")