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dependency injection in php/codeigniter
class BASE_Model extends CI_Model
* inject_class - load class using dependency injection
* @access public
* @param string $path
* @param string $class
* @param string $func
* @param string $method
public function inject_class($path, $class, $func, $method)
// load_class is a function located in system/core/common.php on line 123
$obj = load_class($class, $path, NULL);
return $obj->$func();
// lets say this is instantiated by a user controller when a new user is made
class User_model extends BASE_Model
public function create()
echo 'create a new user';
$request = $this->inject_class('path/to/models', 'Logger_model', 'log');
echo $request;
class Logger_model extends BASE_Model
public function log()
return 'Logged';

andredublin commented Aug 30, 2012

this would be better defined as object collaboration/delegation and not dependency injection. DI would have the controller passing an instance of a Model to a Model

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