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Key translations Starting With C-x:
key binding
--- -------
C-x 8 iso-transl-ctl-x-8-map
C-x 8 SPC †
C-x 8 ! °
C-x 8 " Prefix Command
C-x 8 $ §
C-x 8 ' Prefix Command
C-x 8 * Prefix Command
C-x 8 + ±
C-x 8 , Prefix Command
C-x 8 - ≠
C-x 8 . ∑
C-x 8 / Prefix Command
C-x 8 1 Prefix Command
C-x 8 3 Prefix Command
C-x 8 < ´
C-x 8 = Ø
C-x 8 > ª
C-x 8 ? ø
C-x 8 C ©
C-x 8 L £
C-x 8 P ∂
C-x 8 R Æ
C-x 8 S ß
C-x 8 Y •
C-x 8 ^ Prefix Command
C-x 8 _ Prefix Command
C-x 8 ` Prefix Command
C-x 8 c ¢
C-x 8 m µ
C-x 8 o ∞
C-x 8 u µ
C-x 8 x ◊
C-x 8 | ¶
C-x 8 ~ Prefix Command
Global Bindings Starting With C-x:
key binding
--- -------
C-x C-@ pop-global-mark
C-x C-b list-buffers
C-x C-c save-buffers-kill-terminal
C-x C-d list-directory
C-x C-e eval-last-sexp
C-x C-f find-file
C-x TAB indent-rigidly
C-x C-k kmacro-keymap
C-x C-l downcase-region
C-x RET Prefix Command
C-x C-n set-goal-column
C-x C-o delete-blank-lines
C-x C-p mark-page
C-x C-q read-only-mode
C-x C-r find-file-read-only
C-x C-s save-buffer
C-x C-t transpose-lines
C-x C-u upcase-region
C-x C-v find-alternate-file
C-x C-w write-file
C-x C-x exchange-point-and-mark
C-x C-z suspend-frame
C-x ESC Prefix Command
C-x SPC rectangle-mark-mode
C-x # server-edit
C-x $ set-selective-display
C-x ' expand-abbrev
C-x ( kmacro-start-macro
C-x ) kmacro-end-macro
C-x * calc-dispatch
C-x + balance-windows
C-x - shrink-window-if-larger-than-buffer
C-x . set-fill-prefix
C-x 0 delete-window
C-x 1 delete-other-windows
C-x 2 split-window-below
C-x 3 split-window-right
C-x 4 ctl-x-4-prefix
C-x 5 ctl-x-5-prefix
C-x 6 2C-command
C-x 8 Prefix Command
C-x ; comment-set-column
C-x < scroll-left
C-x = what-cursor-position
C-x > scroll-right
C-x [ backward-page
C-x ] forward-page
C-x ^ enlarge-window
C-x ` next-error
C-x a Prefix Command
C-x b switch-to-buffer
C-x d dired
C-x e kmacro-end-and-call-macro
C-x f set-fill-column
C-x h mark-whole-buffer
C-x i insert-file
C-x k kill-buffer
C-x l count-lines-page
C-x m compose-mail
C-x n Prefix Command
C-x o other-window
C-x q kbd-macro-query
C-x r Prefix Command
C-x s save-some-buffers
C-x u undo
C-x v vc-prefix-map
C-x z repeat
C-x { shrink-window-horizontally
C-x } enlarge-window-horizontally
C-x DEL backward-kill-sentence
C-x C-SPC pop-global-mark
C-x C-+ text-scale-adjust
C-x C-- text-scale-adjust
C-x C-0 text-scale-adjust
C-x C-= text-scale-adjust
C-x <C-left> previous-buffer
C-x <C-right> next-buffer
C-x <left> previous-buffer
C-x <right> next-buffer
C-x C-k C-a kmacro-add-counter
C-x C-k C-c kmacro-set-counter
C-x C-k C-d kmacro-delete-ring-head
C-x C-k C-e kmacro-edit-macro-repeat
C-x C-k C-f kmacro-set-format
C-x C-k TAB kmacro-insert-counter
C-x C-k C-k kmacro-end-or-call-macro-repeat
C-x C-k C-l kmacro-call-ring-2nd-repeat
C-x C-k RET kmacro-edit-macro
C-x C-k C-n kmacro-cycle-ring-next
C-x C-k C-p kmacro-cycle-ring-previous
C-x C-k C-s kmacro-start-macro
C-x C-k C-t kmacro-swap-ring
C-x C-k C-v kmacro-view-macro-repeat
C-x C-k SPC kmacro-step-edit-macro
C-x C-k b kmacro-bind-to-key
C-x C-k e edit-kbd-macro
C-x C-k l kmacro-edit-lossage
C-x C-k n kmacro-name-last-macro
C-x C-k q kbd-macro-query
C-x C-k r apply-macro-to-region-lines
C-x C-k s kmacro-start-macro
C-x C-k x kmacro-to-register
C-x RET C-\ set-input-method
C-x RET F set-file-name-coding-system
C-x RET X set-next-selection-coding-system
C-x RET c universal-coding-system-argument
C-x RET f set-buffer-file-coding-system
C-x RET k set-keyboard-coding-system
C-x RET l set-language-environment
C-x RET p set-buffer-process-coding-system
C-x RET r revert-buffer-with-coding-system
C-x RET t set-terminal-coding-system
C-x RET x set-selection-coding-system
C-x ESC ESC repeat-complex-command
C-x M-: repeat-complex-command
C-x 4 C-f find-file-other-window
C-x 4 C-o display-buffer
C-x 4 . find-tag-other-window
C-x 4 0 kill-buffer-and-window
C-x 4 a add-change-log-entry-other-window
C-x 4 b switch-to-buffer-other-window
C-x 4 c clone-indirect-buffer-other-window
C-x 4 d dired-other-window
C-x 4 f find-file-other-window
C-x 4 m compose-mail-other-window
C-x 4 r find-file-read-only-other-window
C-x 5 C-f find-file-other-frame
C-x 5 C-o display-buffer-other-frame
C-x 5 . find-tag-other-frame
C-x 5 0 delete-frame
C-x 5 1 delete-other-frames
C-x 5 2 make-frame-command
C-x 5 b switch-to-buffer-other-frame
C-x 5 d dired-other-frame
C-x 5 f find-file-other-frame
C-x 5 m compose-mail-other-frame
C-x 5 o other-frame
C-x 5 r find-file-read-only-other-frame
C-x 6 2 2C-two-columns
C-x 6 b 2C-associate-buffer
C-x 6 s 2C-split
C-x 6 <f2> 2C-two-columns
C-x 8 RET insert-char
C-x a C-a add-mode-abbrev
C-x a ' expand-abbrev
C-x a + add-mode-abbrev
C-x a - inverse-add-global-abbrev
C-x a e expand-abbrev
C-x a g add-global-abbrev
C-x a i Prefix Command
C-x a l add-mode-abbrev
C-x a n expand-jump-to-next-slot
C-x a p expand-jump-to-previous-slot
C-x n d narrow-to-defun
C-x n n narrow-to-region
C-x n p narrow-to-page
C-x n w widen
C-x r C-@ point-to-register
C-x r ESC Prefix Command
C-x r SPC point-to-register
C-x r + increment-register
C-x r N rectangle-number-lines
C-x r b bookmark-jump
C-x r c clear-rectangle
C-x r d delete-rectangle
C-x r f frameset-to-register
C-x r g insert-register
C-x r i insert-register
C-x r j jump-to-register
C-x r k kill-rectangle
C-x r l bookmark-bmenu-list
C-x r m bookmark-set
C-x r n number-to-register
C-x r o open-rectangle
C-x r r copy-rectangle-to-register
C-x r s copy-to-register
C-x r t string-rectangle
C-x r w window-configuration-to-register
C-x r x copy-to-register
C-x r y yank-rectangle
C-x r C-SPC point-to-register
C-x v + vc-update
C-x v = vc-diff
C-x v D vc-root-diff
C-x v G vc-ignore
C-x v I vc-log-incoming
C-x v L vc-print-root-log
C-x v O vc-log-outgoing
C-x v a vc-update-change-log
C-x v b vc-switch-backend
C-x v c vc-rollback
C-x v d vc-dir
C-x v g vc-annotate
C-x v h vc-insert-headers
C-x v i vc-register
C-x v l vc-print-log
C-x v m vc-merge
C-x v r vc-retrieve-tag
C-x v s vc-create-tag
C-x v u vc-revert
C-x v v vc-next-action
C-x v ~ vc-revision-other-window
C-x a i g inverse-add-global-abbrev
C-x a i l inverse-add-mode-abbrev
C-x r M-w copy-rectangle-as-kill
Function key map translations Starting With C-x:
key binding
--- -------
C-x @ Prefix Command
C-x @ S event-apply-shift-modifier
C-x @ a event-apply-alt-modifier
C-x @ c event-apply-control-modifier
C-x @ h event-apply-hyper-modifier
C-x @ m event-apply-meta-modifier
C-x @ s event-apply-super-modifier
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