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Zoom Sucks

  • Zoom abuses the installer flow on MacOS to bypass permissions dialogs (source)
  • Zoom sends identifying device info to Facebook, even when users don't have a Facebook account (source) (fixed)
  • A bug in Zoom sent identifying information (including email addresses and profile pictures) of thousands of users to strangers (source)
  • Zoom claims that meetings are end-to-end encrypted in their white paper and marketing materials, but meetings are only encrypted in transit, and are available in plaintext to Zoom servers and employees. (source)
  • zoomAutenticationTool can be used to escalat
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Last active Sep 4, 2020
[How to Install homebrew on Manjaro] Steps required to install homebrew on Manjaro Linux #linux #manjaro #homebrew

How to Install homebrew on Manjaro

Steps required to install homebrew on Manjaro Linux


  1. Install base-devel

     pacman -Syu # CAUTION: this updates the whole system
     pacman -S base-devel
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