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-- Generadores y "guardias"
Sea la tupla (x,y) tal que,
x ∈ [1..10] ^ x < 3
y ∈ [11,13] ^ y < 12
[(x,y) | x <- [1..10], y <- [11,13], x<3, y<12]
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And here are some relevant books on the infinite and on the corresponding history and philosophy of set theory:
Ferreirós, J., Labyrinth of Thought. A History of Set Theory and Its Role in Modern Mathematics, second revised edition, Basel: Birkhäuser, 2007.
Lavine, S., Understanding the Infinite, Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1998.
Moore, A.W., The Infinite, second edition, London: Routledge, 2001.
Oppy, G., Philosophical Perspectives on Infinity, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2006.
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# The UNIX find command can locate files based upon the time the files were last changed, accessed, or modified using the -ctime, -atime, or -mtime respectively. So, to find all files in a directory that are older than 7 days might look like this. (source:
find /home/myuser -mtime +7 -print
find /home/myuser -type f -mtime +7 -print0 #The -print0 argument will enable this search to find files in that path that may contain spaces in the file names.
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import{Terminated, Props, ActorLogging, Actor, ActorSystem}
case class Greeting(who: String)
case class WAT()
case class HastaLaVista()
class AdiosActor extends Actor with ActorLogging {
def receive = {
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Este enlace es simplemente fantástico Robert Harper, Benjamin Pierce (entre otros) enseñado sobre: Logical relations, Category theory foundations, Proofs as Processes, Polarization and focalization, Type theory foundations, Monads, Compiler verification, Language-based security, Proof theory foundations, Software foundations in Coq.

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"All science tries to reduce the diversity of things in the world to mere differences of appearance, and treats as many things as possible as variants of the same stuff."

"A 'logical picture' differs from an ordinary picture in that it need not look the least bit like its object. Its relation to the object is not that of a copy, but of analogy."

"Syntax is simply the logical form of our language, which copies as closely as possible the logical form of our thought. To understand language is to appreciate the analogy between the syntactical construct and the complex of ideas, letting the former function as a representative, or 'logical picture,' of the latter"

"The reason people are afraid of abstraction is simply that they do not know how to handle it. They have not learned to make correct abstractions, and therefore become lost among the empty forms, or worse yet, among the mere words for such forms, which they call 'emtpy words' with an air of disgust."

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;; Configuración en environ
(client/post (env :hipchat-url)
{:query-params {:auth_token (env :hipchat-auth-token)
:format "json"}
:form-params {:room_id room_id
:notify 1
:color (if error "red")
:from "departede"
:message "MENSAJE"}})
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