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@andrew-mcmahon andrew-mcmahon/NRedneck Linux Setup Secret
Last active May 31, 2019

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# A quick setup script that uses the current GOG Windows installer
# to produce a Linux install of the game.
mkdir -p NRedneck/music
mkdir -p NRidesAgain/music
echo -e "\033[1;93m--Extracting GOG Installer--\033[0m"
innoextract setup_redneck_rampage_2.0.0.11.exe --silent --progress=on
echo -e "\033[1;93m--Setting up Redneck Rampage--\033[0m"
# briefly pause
sleep 3
cp -v app/"Redneck Rampage"/*.CON NRedneck
cp -vr app/"Redneck Rampage"/ROUTE66 NRedneck
cp -v app/"Redneck Rampage"/*.ANM NRedneck
cp -v app/"Redneck Rampage"/*.VOC NRedneck
cp -v app/"Redneck Rampage"/REDNECK.GRP NRedneck
cp -v app/"Redneck Rampage"/REDNECK.RTS NRedneck
# Fix missing artwork for Route66
cp -v app/"Redneck Rampage"/TILESA66.ART NRedneck/TILES024.ART
cp -v app/"Redneck Rampage"/TILESB66.ART NRedneck/TILES025.ART
# Fix Linux broken pathnames for Route66
# Replace backslashes with forward slashes on leveldefs
sed -i 's/\\/\//g' NRedneck/USER66.CON
echo -e "\033[1;93m--Setting up Redneck Rampage Music--\033[0m"
bchunk -w app/"Redneck Rampage"/REDNECK.gog app/"Redneck Rampage"/REDNECK.inst track
# remove useless files
rm track01.iso
rm track10.wav
flac --best --delete-input-file *.wav
mv *.flac NRedneck/music
echo -e "\033[1;93m--Setting up Rides Again--\033[0m"
# briefly pause
sleep 3
cp -v app/"Redneck Rides Again"/*.CON NRidesAgain
cp -v app/"Redneck Rides Again"/REDNECK.GRP NRidesAgain
cp -v app/"Redneck Rides Again"/REDNECK.RTS NRidesAgain
cp -v app/"Redneck Rides Again"/REDINT.MVE NRidesAgain
echo -e "\033[1;93m--Setting up Rides Again Music--\033[0m"
bchunk -w app/"Redneck Rides Again"/RRRAGAIN.gog app/"Redneck Rides Again"/RRRAGAIN.inst track
# remove useless files
rm track01.iso
flac --best --delete-input-file *.wav
mv *.flac NRidesAgain/music
echo -e "\033[1;93m--Cleaning up--\033[0m"
rm -rf app
rm -rf tmp
echo -e "\033[1;93m Redneck Rampage: ./rednukem\033[0m"
echo -e "\033[1;93m Route 66: ./rednukem GAME66.CON\033[0m"
echo -e "\033[1;93m Rides Again: ./rednukem\033[0m"
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