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Last active January 25, 2021 15:53
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'Spin buttons increase/decrease by 1
Sub spin_onAction(control As IRibbonControl)
If = "spinner_spinUp" Then
SpinValue = SpinValue + 1
ElseIf = "spinner_spinDown" Then
SpinValue = SpinValue - 1
Exit Sub
End If
rbxUI.InvalidateControl "editBox"
Sheet1.Range("H9").Value = SpinValue
End Sub
<group id="grp_spinner" label="Spinner Button">
<box id="box_spinner" boxStyle="vertical">
<box id="box2_spinner" boxStyle="vertical">
<labelControl id="lblControl" />
<labelControl id="lblControl2" label="Value" />
<box id="box3_spinner" boxStyle="vertical" >
<labelControl id="lblCtrl_dummy3" />
<box id="box1" boxStyle="horizontal">
<editBox id="editBox" getText="editBox_getText" sizeString="xxxx" maxLength="4" onChange ="editBox_onChange"/>
<buttonGroup id="btnGrp_spinner">
<button id="spinner_spinDown" imageMso="DownArrow2" onAction="spin_onAction"/>
<button id="spinner_spinUp" imageMso="UpArrow2" onAction="spin_onAction"/>
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