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Interface of cinder::StreamingBuffer
class CI_API StreamingBuffer {
StreamingBuffer( size_t blockSizeBytes = 65536 );
StreamingBuffer( const StreamingBuffer &rhs ) = delete;
StreamingBuffer( StreamingBuffer &&rhs ) = delete;
void pushFront( const void *data, size_t sizeBytes );
size_t popBack( void *output, size_t maxSize );
size_t getSize() const;
bool empty() const { return getSize() == 0; }
void clear();
void shrinkToFit();
//! Performs a non-destructive copy to \a output, up to \a maxSize bytes. Does not pop any data. Returns number of bytes written
size_t copyTo( void *output, size_t maxSize ) const;
StreamingBuffer& operator=( const StreamingBuffer &rhs ) = delete;
StreamingBuffer& operator=( StreamingBuffer &&rhs ) = delete;
void allocateNewWriteBlock();
void releaseCurrentReadBlock();
size_t calcSize() const;
std::deque<std::unique_ptr<uint8_t[]>> mBlocks, mUnusedBlocks;
mutable std::mutex mMutex;
const size_t mBlockSize;
size_t mWriteOffset, mReadOffset; // expressed in bytes
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