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Grabs the latest tag and sets the version number. You must only have version numbers as tags and they must be in format "X.y[.z]-B" where: X, y are major and minor versions; z (patch version) is optional; and B is the build number. Execute this with a post-build script phase similar to this:
# Get the current version and extract the version/build from there
LATEST_TAG=`xcrun git describe --tags --abbrev=0`
# Set the new version
defaults write "${PLIST_PATH%.*}" 'CFBundleVersion' "${NEW_BUILD_NUM}" &> /dev/null
BUILD_NUM_SET=`defaults read "${PLIST_PATH%.*}" 'CFBundleVersion'`
echo "Set build number to ${BUILD_NUM_SET} in ${INFOPLIST_PATH}"
# Tag it!
xcrun git tag ${TAG_VERSION}-${BUILD_NUM_SET}
xcrun git push origin --tags
echo "Bumped and tagged."
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