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Created Sep 6, 2019
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# add the following line into ~/.tmux.conf.local
# if '[ -f ~/.tmux.conf.andrwj ]' 'source ~/.tmux.conf.andrwj'
tmux_conf_theme_left_separator_main='' # /!\ you don't need to install Powerline
tmux_conf_theme_left_separator_sub='' # you only need fonts patched with
tmux_conf_theme_right_separator_main='' # Powerline symbols or the standalone
tmux_conf_theme_right_separator_sub='' # PowerlineSymbols.otf font
set -g history-limit 30000
set -g mouse on
set -g status-keys vi
set -g mode-keys vi
# C-b와 C-a를 동시에 사용하지 않고 C-a로 대체하기
set -gu prefix2
unbind C-a
unbind C-b
set -g prefix C-a
bind C-a send-prefix
# split current pane vertically
unbind |
bind | split-window -h
# maximize current pane
unbind Enter
bind Enter run 'cut -c3- ~/.tmux.conf | sh -s _maximize_pane "#{session_name}" #D'
# kill pane
unbind q
bind q killp
# kill server
unbind Q
bind Q confirm kill-server
# edit configuration
unbind C-e
bind C-e new-window -n '~/.tmux.conf.local' "sh -c '\${EDITOR:-vim} ~/.tmux.conf.local && tmux source ~/.tmux.conf && tmux display \"~/.tmux.conf sourced\"'"
# Enter Copy-mode
unbind e
bind e copy-mode
# Navigation
unbind Tab
bind Tab choose-tree -Nw
# Prev/Next window
bind -r p previous-window # select previous window
bind -r n next-window # select next window

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@andrwj andrwj commented Sep 6, 2019

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