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Created August 17, 2015 00:12
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Arch Linux development kernel installation script
# Arch Linux development installkernel script
# Andrew Schwartzmeyer <>
# See `Documentation/kbuild/kbuild.txt`
# Copy to `/sbin/installkernel`
# Use with `sudo make install`
# Copy the kernel image
cp -v $2 $4/vmlinuz-linux-$1
# Make initial RAM disk
mkinitcpio -k $1 -c /etc/mkinitcpio.conf -g $4/initramfs-linux-$1.img
# Copy and link symbol table
cp $3 $4/$1
ln -sf $4/$1 $4/
# Update Grub entries
grub-mkconfig -o $4/grub/grub.cfg
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