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Last active Dec 16, 2016
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TechChange Talk Notes -- Dec 8, 2016

TechChange: Technology for Data Visualization


  • Use the CARTO Builder for easy visualization of data
    • Put your data on the map
    • Build dashboards to interact with data
    • Dynamically updating maps (sync'd from realtime data)
  • We have free accounts:


  • Connect a dataset (URL, from computer, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.)
  • Make a map from one or many datasets
  • Bring out the data you're interested in
  • Add widgets
  • Share with the world or a select few


We'll use data for Spencer the Cat, data from If you'd like to recreate my work, download the data from here:

We can:

  • Just show where spencer is
  • Animate Spencer
  • Style by values (e.g., day of the week)
  • Connect the lines

More complicated example

Mapping commuters in Colorado:

Demo the Data Observatory

Create an empty dataset, add some points, add an analysis, then add more points to let DO answer questions.

Custom Applications

We have services for extending our tools by building custom applications, by using our JavaScript library or APIs.



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