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A Sublime Text command to take some selected text and introduce an Erlang "variable" with the selection as the assigned value. It doesn't understand the text of course, I thought you were supposed to!
import sublime
import sublime_plugin
import re
class IntroduceVariableCommand(sublime_plugin.TextCommand):
var_name = "NewVar"
def run(self, edit):
sels = self.view.sel()
for sel in sels:
if not sel.empty():
self.introduce_variable(edit, sel)
def introduce_variable(self, edit, sel):
sel_text = self.view.substr(sel)
top_line = self.view.lines(sel)[0]
top_line_text = self.view.substr(top_line)
indentation = ""
match ="\W*", top_line_text, re.UNICODE)
if match:
indentation =
var_declaration = indentation + self.var_name + " = " + sel_text + ",\n"
self.view.replace(edit, sel, self.var_name)
self.view.insert(edit, top_line.a, var_declaration)

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commented Mar 21, 2016

Turns out my desire to share code isn't enough to get me to actually learn how to use github, so I gave up and made a new repo:, starting from yours. I changed it so it instead puts the cursor at all locations, handling multiple selection. Thanks for the jumpstart!

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