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"logPath": "/var/log/kern.log",
"lookback": "10m",
"startPattern": "Initializing cgroup subsys cpuset",
"bufferSize": 10,
"source": "npd",
"conditions": [
"type": "KernelDeadlock",
"reason": "KernelHasNoDeadlock",
"message": "kernel has no deadlock"
"rules": [
"type": "temporary",
"reason": "OOMKilling",
"pattern": "Task in [0-9A-Za-z_/]+ killed as a result of limit of [0-9A-Za-z_/]+"
"type": "temporary",
"reason": "TaskHung",
"pattern": "task \\S+:\\w+ blocked for more than \\w+ seconds\\."
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