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public class BingMainPage
private readonly IWebDriver driver;
private readonly string url = @"";
public BingMainPage(IWebDriver browser)
this.driver = browser;
PageFactory.InitElements(browser, this);
[FindsBy(How = How.Id, Using = "sb_form_q")]
public IWebElement SearchBox { get; set; }
[FindsBy(How = How.Id, Using = "sb_form_go")]
public IWebElement GoButton { get; set; }
[FindsBy(How = How.Id, Using = "b_tween")]
public IWebElement ResultsCountDiv { get; set; }
public void Navigate()
public void Search(string textToType)
public void ValidateResultsCount(string expectedCount)
Assert.IsTrue(this.ResultsCountDiv.Text.Contains(expectedCount), "The results DIV doesn't contains the specified text.");
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