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Reminder on block types

Block type Explanation
Reject media Removes locally stored media files and refuses to download any in the future.
Silence Makes the account's/instance's posts invisible to anyone who isn't following them
Silence + reject media Combination of the two above
Suspend Removes all of the account's content, media, and profile data

Local accounts

Account Severity Reason
@naoya_ito Suspend bot, spam, defamation
@fredbezies Suspend identity theft
@jamielane949 Suspend hateful speech, homophobia
@kuffodog Suspend Hate speech, blocking the admin

A lot of accounts which are bots or spam have been silenced, sometimes suspended, and have not been listed here (the list would be way too long).

Foreign accounts

Account Severity Reason suspend spam + harmful suspend spam + harmful suspend spam + harmful

Foreign instances

Instance Severity Reason suspend instance only hosts follow bots

Instances we're blocked from

We may be blocked from more instances, but I am only aware of:

Instance Severity Reason Probably silenced ? Suspended "Harassment"

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Owner Author

commented Nov 29, 2017

Removed as the instance does not exist anymore, at least on this domain name.

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