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Last active August 29, 2015 13:56
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git alias commands for bashrc
alias less='less -r'
# --show-control-chars: help showing Korean or accented characters
alias ls='ls -F --color --show-control-chars'
alias ll='ls -l'
alias g='git '
alias got='git '
alias get='git '
alias ga='git add '
alias gb='git branch '
alias gba='git branch -a'
alias gc='git commit -v'
alias gca='git commit -v -a'
alias gco='git checkout '
alias gcob='git checkout -b'
#Diff is not working right now
alias gd='git diff'
alias gdd='git diff | C:\Program Files (x86)\WinMerge\WinMergeU.exe -e -ub -dl %bname -dr %yname %base %mine'
alias glg='git log --stat --max-count=5'
alias glogp='git log --pretty=format:"%h %s" --graph'
#gfc stands for Git File Change
alias gfc='git log --pretty=format: --name-only | grep .cs$ | sort | uniq -c | sort -rg | head -20'
#gitk is the windows gui for git
alias gk='gitk --all&'
alias gpl='git pull'
alias gpu='git push'
alias gs='git status '
alias gup='git fetch && git rebase'
alias gcount='git shortlog -sn'
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