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Proxy pass CDH 5 manager
If you attempt to proxy pass CDH 5 Manager using apache, you may run into following error:
2014-06-29 08:43:02,977 WARN [600353515@scm-web-6:csrf.CsrfRefererInterceptor@68] Rejecting request originating from x.x.x.x for http://x.x.x.x:7180/cmf/parcel/validate with referrer blah
To resolve the issue, just set ProxyPreserveHost to On.

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scaret commented Jul 26, 2017

I met with the same problem and here's what I found:

I changed the HTTP header host and referer to Capitalized Host and Referer and everything works.

According to HTTP protocol, HTTP header keys should be case-insensitive, but Cloudera don't think so

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