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interface StackSpec<T> {
(elements: Array<T>): void
function Stack<T> (elements) {
this.elements = elements
this.head = elements.length - 1
this.push = function (number): void {
this.elements[this.head] = number
this.pop = function <T>(): T {
this.elements.splice(-1, 1)
return this.elements[this.head]
this.getElements = function (): Array<T> {
return this.elements
let stacksOfStr: StackSpec<string> = Stack
let cars = new stacksOfStr(['Hatchback', 'Sedan', 'Land Rover'])
cars.push('Tesla Model S')
console.log('Cars', cars.getElements()) // ['Hatchback', 'Sedan', 'Land Rover', 'Tesla Model S']
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