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Wikipedia scraping with python
#Scraping wikipedia page according to your command line input
import sys
import requests
import bs4
RED = '\033[31m'
END = '\033[0m'
ascii_art = RED \
+ """
iiii kkkkkkkk iiii
i::::i k::::::k i::::i
iiii k::::::k iiii
wwwwwww wwwww wwwwwwwiiiiiii k:::::k kkkkkkkiiiiiiippppp pppppppppyyyyyyy yyyyyyy
w:::::w w:::::w w:::::w i:::::i k:::::k k:::::k i:::::ip::::ppp:::::::::py:::::y y:::::y
w:::::w w:::::::w w:::::w i::::i k:::::k k:::::k i::::ip:::::::::::::::::py:::::y y:::::y
w:::::w w:::::::::w w:::::w i::::i k:::::k k:::::k i::::ipp::::::ppppp::::::py:::::y y:::::y
w:::::w w:::::w:::::w w:::::w i::::i k::::::k:::::k i::::i p:::::p p:::::p y:::::y y:::::y
w:::::w w:::::w w:::::w w:::::w i::::i k:::::::::::k i::::i p:::::p p:::::p y:::::y y:::::y
w:::::w:::::w w:::::w:::::w i::::i k:::::::::::k i::::i p:::::p p:::::p y:::::y:::::y
w:::::::::w w:::::::::w i::::i k::::::k:::::k i::::i p:::::p p::::::p y:::::::::y
w:::::::w w:::::::w i::::::ik::::::k k:::::k i::::::ip:::::ppppp:::::::p y:::::::y
w:::::w w:::::w i::::::ik::::::k k:::::k i::::::ip::::::::::::::::p y:::::y
w:::w w:::w i::::::ik::::::k k:::::k i::::::ip::::::::::::::pp y:::::y
www www iiiiiiiikkkkkkkk kkkkkkkiiiiiiiip::::::pppppppp y:::::y
p:::::p y:::::y
p:::::p y:::::y
p:::::::p y:::::y
p:::::::p y:::::y
p:::::::p yyyyyyy
[++] wikipy is simple wikipedia scraper [++]
Coded By: Ankit Dobhal
Let's Begin To Scrape..!
wikipy version 1.0
""" \
res = requests.get('' + ' '.join(sys.argv[1:]))
#Just to raise the status code
wiki = bs4.BeautifulSoup(res.text,"lxml")
elems ='p')
for i in range(len(elems)):
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