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NServiceBus Cosmos Sample - AddCommentHandler
public class AddCommentHandler : IHandleMessages<AddComment>
public async Task Handle(AddComment message, IMessageHandlerContext context)
var cosmosSession = context.SynchronizedStorageSession.CosmosPersistenceSession();
var postResource = await cosmosSession.Container.ReadItemAsync<Post>(message.PostId,
new PartitionKey(message.PostId));
if (postResource == null)
throw new Exception(
$"Post {message.PostId} does not exist. Cannot add comment for the post that does not exist");
postResource.Resource.LastUpdatedDate = DateTime.UtcNow;
cosmosSession.Batch.UpsertItem(postResource.Resource, new TransactionalBatchItemRequestOptions
IfMatchEtag = postResource.ETag
var comment = new Comment(message.PostId, message.CommentId, message.Content,
await context.Publish(new CommentAdded
PostId = message.PostId,
CommentId = comment.Id,
Content = comment.Content,
CommentBy = comment.CommentedBy,
CreatedDate = comment.CreatedDate
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