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So this is a thread. It works but is limited to 24h without "Discord server boost" (whatever that means) which is a premium feature.

I received an email from Christian and will have a video meeting with him on the 2nd of December to sort things out.

For those who could not make it to the video meeting yesterday, here is a short summary of what came out of it (at least what I remember from it):

  • People in this community are nice 😌 (this is just me being happy with the vibe of the meeting, it was not a real topic).
  • Overmind should be maintained for a long time: people really like this tool and it is a critical part of their projects.
  • People are using the debugger and it is an important part of the ecosystem for them.
  • API can be mostly frozen as it does the job.
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"styled": {
"tipLangSelector": "Changer la langue de l'interface",
"tipTooltipsIcon": "Afficher ou masquer l'aide en ligne"
"date": {
"Ago1Day": "il y a un jour",
"Ago1Hour": "il y une heure",
"Ago1Minute": "il y a une minute",
"AgoXDays": "il y a {count} jours",
anna-bucher /
Created February 13, 2019 16:01
Christian Alfoni article proposal

Why do pink unicorns sing at night ?

Are these animals pure ?

Is it to improve developper expérience or just enchant the sleepless geeky heads during moonrise ?

Do they take drugs to improve performance when producing milk ?

Would really love your feedback on this ❤️ Christian...

View query.sql
SELECT "item"."id" AS "item_id",
"item"."type" AS "item_type",
"item"."savedat" AS "item_savedAt",
"item"."creator" AS "item_creator",
"item"."createdat" AS "item_createdAt",
"item"."editor" AS "item_editor",
"item"."editedat" AS "item_editedAt",
"item"."accesschangedby" AS "item_accessChangedBy",
"item"."accesschangedat" AS "item_accessChangedAt",
"item"."revision" AS "item_revision",
View temp.test.ts
import { describe, it } from 'test'
import { createCollection, privateCollectionId, userFromWordList } from './'
export async function makeUser(wordList: string[]) {
const user = await userFromWordList(wordList)
const privateCollection = await createCollection(user, {
id: privateCollectionId(,
return { user, privateCollection }
View updateAccessChangeLog.ts
async function updateAccessChangeLog(
type: 'user' | 'collection',
currentUser: UserWithKeys,
now: number,
// Old item
oldItem: Item,
// New userAccess
newItem: Item
) {
// collectionAccess: Item belongs to collections
View modules.ts
import { Action, Configuration } from 'overmind'
type SubType<Base, Condition> = Pick<
{ [Key in keyof Base]: Base[Key] extends Condition ? Key : never }[keyof Base]
type TState<Config extends Configuration> = [Config['state']] extends [
anna-bucher /
Last active July 2, 2018 09:07
Remove "Offers" board in postfinance (swiss banking solution)


You will be sharing the pages you visit with the extension. It means you have to trust the extension not to send any confidential information to some other party.

True solution

The best solution is to contact Postfinance and ask them for a close "X" button on the Offers board. You can do this through the user menu near the logout button and send a message like this:

Dear Sir or Madam, 
View builder-idea.ts
import * as cerebral from 'cerebral'
interface BlockDefinition<State, Sequences> {
state: any
sequences: any
interface Builder<State, Sequences> {
state: State
sequences: Sequences
View connect2.ts
import { connect } from '@cerebral/react'
import { state, props } from 'cerebral/tags'
interface State {
things: {
[ key: string ]: {
title: string,
description: string