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Created Nov 25, 2016

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Fuel nailgun extenstion for cluster upgrade

This extension for Nailgun provides API handlers and logic for cluster upgrading. This extension used by the fuel-octane project.


After installing fuel-nailgun-extension-cluster-upgrade package run:
  1. nailgun_syncdb - migrate database
  2. restart nailgun service

Transformer configuration

Every transformation manager has default config that hardcoded, but you can overwrite this config with your own transformations extensions. This could be done by extending nailgun/settings.yaml file.


      7.0: [transform_vips]
      9.0: [first_transformation, second_transformation]


In extension you should define a entrypoint is such way:

nailgun.cluster_upgrade.transformations.cluster.7.0 =
   transform_vips = my_project.transformations:transform_cluster_vips

on first line we have entripoint name where

  • nailgun.cluster_upgrade.transformations - namespace where all transformations defined.
  • cluster - name of object which data transformed
  • 7.0 - cluster version where these transformations should happen

on the second line

  • transform_vips - unique transformation name that you can use in configuration file or in transformation manager
  • my_project.transformations - module name
  • transform_cluster_vips - transformer function name

Transformation function must take only one argument - data to transform. When you call manager.apply(from_version, to_version, data) all transformer functions ordered by a version called one by one, and output of one transformer used as input to the other.

In out example calling cluster_manager.apply('6.0', '9.1', data) will call three functions transform_vips, first_transformation, second_transformation.

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